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(1) Is everything vegan?

Yes. All our bakes are suitable for vegans (and loved by all.)

(2) Do you offer gluten-free bakes?

Some of our bakes are made without gluten. However, due to possible cross-contamination, they are not suitable for allergy sufferers. 

(3) Are any of your bakes made without soya?

Yes! In fact, most of our bakes are made without soya. Check the product information for more details. (Please note due to possible cross contamination, we cannot say that our bakes are completely soya free, and are therefore not suitable for those who suffer from a soy allergy.) If you have any queries, please email

(4) Are your bakes suitable for allergy sufferers?

No. Due to possible cross confirmation, our bakes are not suitable for allergy sufferers.

(5) Are any of your bakes refined sugar-free?

Yes! We love our refined sugar-free range. We believe in offering bakes to all, including those who prefer to avoid refined sugar. Check out our favourite: peanut butter and chocolate traybake (and it’s suitable for paleo diets!)

(6) Why do you use palm oil in some of our bakes?

We strive for sustainability in more than appearance, and in reflecting our business values in our actions. That means constantly evolving and learning the effect of our ingredients on the planet, and its people.

After careful consideration, we have chosen to use small amounts of palm oil in some of our bakes. There is a misconception that boycotting palm oil and substituting another vegetable oil is more eco-friendly.

However, sustainable palm oil is proven to be the most effective crop. According to the WWF, palm oil produces “more oil per land than any other equivalent vegetable crop” and if the world were to replace palm oil production with an alternative like “soybean, coconut, or sunflower oil, you would need anything between 4 and 10 times more land.” (

Furthermore, the production of palm oil contributes to the livelihood of 4.5 million people in Indonesia and Malaysia combined; according to the Palm Oil Alliance (
We only use RSPO certified palm oil.

The RSPO has stated (
“Sustainable palm oil has been farmed, processed, distributed, and sold responsibly with strict rules that protect animals, the environment and people who live and work in oil palm producing countries. It has involved:

Halting deforestation;
Treating communities and workers fairly; and
Protecting wildlife and the environment.”

Actually Good is constantly learning, adapting and reevaluating our ingredients to ensure you’re receiving the most eco-friendly (and delicious) bake as possible.

(7) When will my order be posted?

Our next postal date will be displayed on our home page. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss a particular date.

(8) How are my bakes packaged?

We have carefully selected eco-conscious packaging. Every element has been chosen with the planet in mind, from the box you receive your bake in, right down to our stickers. For any enquiries, please email

(9) How is my order sent?

Your order will be sent out via Royal Mail Tracked 24. Royal Mail aims to deliver your parcel the next working day; however, on the odd occasion, the courier might take 2-3 days to deliver your order.

(10) Can I collect?

Yes! Please select the collection option at checkout. After you’ve placed your order, we will be in touch to confirm a pick-up date and time. Alternatively, at checkout you will see our business number. Feel free to contact us to arrange a date and time. If you’d like to check our collection availability before ordering, please email

(11) I want to order multiple boxes to different addresses, what should I do?

If you’d like to order multiple boxes to different addresses, you will need to put each order through separately.

(12) Do you offer refunds?

Due to the perishable nature of the goods, we cannot process returns.

If you have a complaint about your order, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving your product. Please provide photographs to help explain why you are unhappy. Any refunds will be issued at our discretion. Note: occasionally, during the courier transit, some cosmetic damage may occur to your bakes. Although they may not look as pretty as when we sent them out, we promise that they’ll still taste incredible! As a small business, we appreciate your understanding.

If you have received an incorrect order, or you’re missing an item, we will credit or refund your purchase. If the products are damaged beyond consumption, please immediately take photos of the smashed items inside the box. Refunds will be made at our discretion of the full price you paid, or we will credit you with a replacement of the exact order. 

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