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Hey, I’m Tara. Owner and baker at Actually Good.

I learnt to bake from my gran. We’d spend hours in the kitchen together, eagerly awaiting the final product, licking the spoon to curb our impatience.

My childhood favourite was fairy cakes with an old-school glace and funfetti sprinkles. Many a batch made it home half-eaten. I loved baking, eating and sharing.

After university, I rediscovered this passion, and wanted to share it with others. I worked in cafes and bakeries. But I knew it could be done differently. That taste did not have to preclude sustainability; and that each bake could taste great whilst also contributing to positive environmental outcomes.

Actually Good grew from this belief. The conviction that high-quality, sustainable ingredients can lead to great-tasting treats. Succulent, indulgent, with no compromise to experience.

Of course, it’s taken time to arrive at this point. Actually Good was born in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020, after some experimentation, that we learnt how to make eco-conscious baking sustainably sustainable. With the perfect combination of ingredients and suppliers, eco-friendly packaging, convenient delivery options and lavish flavours.

We believe that small steps make a huge difference. Actually Good helps treat lovers enjoy what they love whilst contributing to what matters: a greener, kinder planet. 

Actually Good Story
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